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Digital Marketing and Accounts Specialist


I’m a digital marketing and accounts specialist with over six years’ experience and a proven track record of driving revenue and awareness for brands in numerous industry verticals. I’m passionate about developing high-impact, 360° marketing campaigns and bring expert-level skills in multiple areas of B2C strategy to ensure clear-cut wins that go above and beyond predefined KPIs.


  • Name: Scott Ruzal
  • Date of birth: November 13, 1988
  • Location: Cliffside Park, NJ
  • Email: hi@scottruzal.com
  • Phone: (201) 658-4758


I’m a digital marketer, media junkie, and lover of all things tech-related. In 2011, I began working at DXagency, a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency based in Edgewater, NJ, where I now serve as Director of Marketing and Accounts. After working with dozens of clients across various industries — brands like Adam Levine (clothing line), CNBC, DIRECTV, Kmart, L’Occitane, Toshiba, Univision, Viacom, Welch’s Fruit Snacks, and Whole Foods Market — I’ve developed excellent research, technical, and project management skills.

In offline mode, you can find me challenging myself at the gym, with my nose in a good book, or tinkering around in the kitchen (I’m a big foodie). Other interests include music, running, VR and hiking (not necessarily in that order). Read more about my work experience below, or shoot me an e-mail to get in touch!